SAITO SAITO DLE Slovakia EME Engines iminitra
SAITO SAITO DLE Slovakia EME Engines iminitra

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Repairs of petrol and glow four-stroke engines SAITO Repairs of petrol two-stroke engines DLE, EME and RCGF
Adjusting the motors Overall maintenance of aircraft engines
Installation of engines in RC aircraft Installation of accessories for RC aircraft
Repairs of fishing RC boats Repairs and maintenance of YAMAHA & HIDEA marine engines
Repairs carburetor Walbro  



SAITO four-stroke petrol combustion engines are manufactured directly in Japan and are a guarantee of true Japanese quality. This advanced and progressive engine design puts the SAITO brand at the forefront of the world. A wide range of manufactured engines from 5 cc up to 100 cc will satisfy all the requirements of modelers. See and hear the sound of a real aircraft engine even in a model airplane. It's SAITO. Spare parts are originally secured directly from the SAITO factory in Japan. SAITO engines feature unique technical details and innovations: integral cylinder and cylinder head with hemispherical combustion chamber, liner-free cylinder design with hard chrome-plated inner surface, piston made of special high-silicon alloy and sealing ring and muffler seal, so as to provide the highest possible performance and the most realistic sound of a real aircraft engine. SAITO motors have an extremely low weight and very small dimensions. Exhaust with exhaust manifould and spark plug are supplied with the engine as standard.


DLE is the TOP class of 2-stroke engines in the world. Engines with the longest tradition of production. The lubrication efficiency of the cylinder and piston, connecting rod and crank proved to be the best lubrication system for 2-stroke engines. Balancing the crank and other rotating parts meet the strictest standards, therefore these engines have become engines with the lowest vibrations.

DLE are the most used engine in North America, South America, Australia, Europe and Asia. DLE engines are air-cooled, single-cylinder and multi-cylinder model, petrol engines with rear and side flushing, microprocessor ignition and diaphragm carriage with Walbro carburetor. The engine is characterized by precise processing and is designed to achieve the best possible results in the ratio of weight and power. High reliability is a matter of course. Low weight is achieved thanks to die-cast parts and precise CNC machining. The front and rear of the crankcase are doweled for precise mutual position and alignment. The rotating parts (crank, connecting rod) are fitted with high-quality German FAG bearings. Surprising is the reliable and flexible operation of the engine. The transition from low idle to high speed takes place without any delays or perhaps a decrease in power. All this contributes to the comfort and reliability of the operation of aircraft models. Ignition-supply voltage: 4.8-8.4 Volt latest up to 12V for more intense spark.


EME EME The reliability, quality of construction without recesses and the sophistication of these 2-stroke air-cooled model engines rank them among the engines at the top of the world format. A high-quality and specially conceptually designed engine block prevents recesses and sufficiently protects the carburetor. Engines can also be purchased with starters of EME own production.

EME enginesEME     

RCGF RCGF Stinger - Hospodárny a výkonný NOVÝ MOTOR, NOVÝ DIZAJN, Výkonnejší, silnejší materiál, väčšia presnosť, Najnovší dizajn a vysoký výkon!Najnovšia konštrukcia motora. Spoľahlivosť, kvalita a výroba širokej škáli benzínových dvojtaktných kubatúr motorov od 10ccm do 120ccm. Výroba zahŕňa jednovalcové a dvojvalcové motory. Cenovo je firma RCGF najdostupnejšia na modelárskom trhu. Za málo penazí ozaj veľa muziky.

RCGF ENGINES Slovak&Czech Republic RCGF ENGINES Slovak&Czech Republic RCGF ENGINES Slovak&Czech Republic RCGF ENGINES Slovak&Czech Republic RCGF ENGINES Slovak&Czech Republic RCGF ENGINES Slovak&Czech Republic RCGF ENGINES Slovak&Czech Republic RCGF ENGINES Slovak&Czech Republic

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